Connecting to Synclogic


What is Synclogic?

Synclogic is a drop shipping app that allows you (our customer) to sync our products directly to your website. When a customer orders our products from your website, you will receive a draft order in your email with an invoice from us. When you pay the invoice you will put your shops information in the payment section, and your customers information in the shipping section. Once paid it creates an order on our end. We will ship the products directly to your customer. When we fulfill the order you will receive tracking, you will need to put that tracking information, and fulfill the order manually on your end.


Video tutorials can be found at the SyncLogic YouTube page here:

Step 1: Download the Synclogic app from the Shopify app store.

Step 2: Configure your sync settings
These are our suggested settings. These settings will apply to ALL shops that you are synced to.
  • Go to the "Settings" Tab
  • Turn off "Price Sync". Our prices will carry over to your website as wholesale. Turning off price sync makes it so your prices are not overridden by our pricing when we update prices.
  • Turn off "Online Store Visibility Sync". This imports all new products as hidden, so you have a chance to make your price adjustments, or any other adjustments before you publish to your website.

Step 3: Subscribe to a Connection
  • Enter the Connection Code of the parent shop
  • Select "Match products with handle on accepted connection"
  • Check box for "Create new products when one is not found with your selected matching strategy"
  • Select "Delete or Unpublish Product
  • Price Transformations allows you to mark all pricing in this connection up by a percentage. i.e. 200% would double our wholesale pricing. You DO NOT have to use price transformation. If you do not choose to use price transformation then you will just have to enter all your pricing individually in Shopify or Bulk Editor in Shopify. Price Transform Round Amount allows you to round your price transformation to whatever number you enter in this box. If you like all your pricing to end in 50 cents then you would enter 50 in the box, if you like all your pricing to end in 99 cents then you would enter 99 in the box.
  • If you are ready to connect, click "Connect"

The syncing process can take up to 30 minutes. Large collections such as our tumblers can take a couple hours.

Step 4: Decide which products you want to add to your site.
After syncing is completed, go to the Products tab in your Shopify Admin and sort by vendor (Antisocial Designs) to view all our products.
Click on the check box on the left of the product that you are going to want to sell, you can ceck a few or all, and then click edit products. Here is where you can enter your selling price.
Those prices will update automatically for you.
Go back to the Products page, select the product(s) you wish to publish to your site, click the "more actions" button, add the products to a collection of your choice, and set as active.

Step 5: What happens when your customer places an order.
When your customer places an order, our shop will e-mail you a draft order invoice. We will NOT know about your customer's order until you complete your order with us! It is EXTREMELY important that you complete your checkout on our site ASAP to ensure we are able to stay within' TAT.

Checking Out:

Enter YOUR SHOP information in the BILLING section

Enter YOUR CUSTOMER'S information in the SHIPPING section

DO NOT put your customers email address in or they will receive any updates from us directly and see the wholesale prices.

*When we add new products to our site, they will be synced to your store but will be hidden until you adjust price and set them as active on your site.

**When your customer orders a personalized item, the notes DO NOT carry over to us. The personalization will have to be emailed to us along with the order number at

***Please make sure you are in our Facebook Group and staying in contact with us. It is important for us to know who owns each shop and be able to contact you with any changes or issues.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at: