Synclogic FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (From Synclogic App)

My prices keep changing back to the parent shop wholesale!

When you connect to a parent shop, their prices are what sync over. You’ll need to either use the price transformation tool to have prices automatically be increased to retail, or you'll need to disable the price setting so you can manually change them using shopify bulk edit. The same is true for any other setting you are wanting to change - simply disable under settings and your changes will stick.

How do I get the parent shop products to not automatically show up on my site?

You’ll need to go to settings and disable "online store visibility". These products will now come into your Shopify store as "active" but not "visible". You can then edit products as needed, select which you want on your site, and click "publish" when ready.

How do I set up a new connection for others to sync to?

You'll first need to decide what they'll sync to - all products or specific collection(s) (we strongly recommend using a collection to define what is included in a connection). If needed, create a new collection first. Then select "new connection" and choose collections you want as part of the sync. You can add and remove products to these collection in the future, but you cannot change the collections in the sync without creating a new code. You'll then decide how you want to invoice then click "create sync". You'll receive a code that can be shared with others.

How do I send automatic invoices to shops synced to me?

For automatic invoices, you'll want to select when creating connection "Draft orders sync". If your prices are at retail, you’ll need to add an automatic discount under settings for the correct price to be sent to customers. This does not take items out of your system until the invoice is paid for. The "two way sync" can be used for that purpose, but it will not send invoices.

I would like to have a flash sale. Will my inventory be updated across all synced shops immediately?

Due to the moving parts necessary in making SyncLogic possible, there will inevitably be some lag time involved in updating inventory and other fields across synced products and variants (typically it is a few seconds). We are actively looking for ways to make this as minimal as possible but unfortunately we have not found a way to make it instantaneous as of now.

I don't understand how (insert feature here) works. How do I use that?

We are always here to help you with any support concerns you may have with SyncLogic. You can either email us at (we are very good about getting back quickly to emails) or you can call us directly at 1-415-851-1230.

I would like to use this beta feature. Is it going to impact my shop or cause issues?

Beta features are not as deeply tested as other features, and might have small corner cases where potential issues could occur. If you have any concerns about using a beta feature please email us at and we can discuss what the potential pitfalls or concerns with the beta feature mean for your shop. We can help work with you to get you set up correctly and using the feature, but please reach out before using the feature if you have any concerns.

My shop needs (insert feature here). Can you add it to SyncLogic? It sure would make my life a whole lot easier...

We are actively developing new features on SyncLogic every day. If you don't see something that your shop needs please drop us an email at We will get back to you promptly about our timeline and if the feature you are looking for is achievable. Our job is to make your life easier so if there is a way for us to achieve that we would love to hear about it.

How do I cancel SyncLogic?

We are sad to see you go! Just delete the connections to your parent shops and make sure you select "delete products", then delete the app from your Shopify admin app section. If you have feedback regarding why SyncLogic didn’t work for you, email us so we can look into using your experience for future features or optimizations.